Alain Lefebure

12 Sep 2011, Article
This paper compare the French to the English speaking pedagogy
Numerous questions about chords progression frequently raise in forum; revealing the failing of pedagogies. However weakness of a school for a given student may be a strength for another. In that perspective I'll compare the "English speaking world" school to the French school.  With an over-simplification two ways of thinking come out.  -1 The melody creates harmony. This was the prevailing idea in the baroque period , once known as Italian school from which the french harmony pedagogy derives. ...
18 Apr 2011, Article
A comparison of two systems
Italian and French system call the sixth scale degree differently from German and English speaking countries. What seems a small point is actually a profound difference in harmony and teaching conception. The Franco- Italian system consists of two mains degrees the Tonic (I) and the Dominant (V) both surrounded by their neighboring tones. The scale is centered on the Mediant (III) that divides the fifth interval I-V The degree VII is either the Sous tonique (Subtonic) when placed a tone under ...